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hademade items

It’s raining elegance and panache when home decor item’s and handicraft items come loaded with oodles of creativity, proficiency and modernism. The exclusivity of handicrafts and handmade item’s things for home,garden, office, restaurants, indoor, outdoor decoration depends on the artistic brilliance they hold. The decorative pieces of your home,garden, office, restaurants, indoor, outdoor in true sense as they bring class to the overall look of anyone’s home,garden, office, restaurants, indoor, outdoor. These handmade item’s & handicrafts play a crucial role in enriching and beautifying the space of your home,garden, office, restaurants, indoor, outdoor. Be it traditional, contemporary or cultural—these luxury handicrafts & handmade items are truly essential to add a touch of completeness to your look. These Indian decorative handmade furniture & handicrafts will add more beauty to your space.


Our mission is to curate beautifully handcrafted products from across the globe. We preserve the traditional art of India handed down to us by our ancestors, helping our talented artisans gain global recognition through the products that can be used on a daily basis in the urban market. Our vision is to be an International Brand synonym to craft. We are well on our way with a solemn goal to provide economic upliftment of the rural artisans that are involved in preserving the heritage of the handicrafts industry in India.

eco friendly

My Handy Store is making quality promising products from last 10 years. We started this company in a mission of making furniture eco-friendly because cutting trees for the wood is making the environment a polluted and this is
making a huge impact to our daily lives. In myhandystore Handicrafts we keep designing new products as per the daily life needs.

We deliver products PAN India | Price Best in Market | Quality Best in Market. So we are welcoming People to join with the motive to make Eco friendly world.

The business we do with:
  International &National Buyer’s,Distributors,Dealers,Retailers,Direct Customers

Material We use
  Synthetic Cane,Jute,Rassi, All Kind of Rope, Sarkhanda, Bamboo, Moonj, Cotton, Silk,Cushion, Plastic Cane, Cane, Mini bamboo, Natural Rope Etc.